Natural Sapphists leb-4467 Alexa Angie Izzy Kara Kari Katy Valerie Zena

女優: Alexa  Kari  Angie  Izzy  Kara  Katy  Valerie  Zena   
片商: Lesbea
番號: leb-4467
發行日期: 2018-03-06
分鐘: 0/d 分鐘
: 4883

Both girls debuting in this scene for Lesbea. Czech cutey Izzy takes hold of Spanish babe Alexa's legs as they kiss and cuddle up on the bed. She takes the lead and her eyes sparkle as she begins licking Alexa's pussy, gazing up at her. Izzy gets dizzy as she is face sitting on Alexa, her clit is so sensitive it's too much for her in this position and it feels safer laying down with Alexa wrapped around her as she cums.

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